Advantages & Disadvantages of Management Customer Service Training

Customer Service TrainingThe customer service training for all the employees mainly includes activities like role playing, reading and solving different kinds of case studies and also all the employees should effectively know the solution to come out of a particular problem. The training basically guides the employees in the right direction and also gives certain tips to the employees so that they can handle the various troubleshoot problems. If the services is up to the mark, then undoubtedly you will have more loyal customers and they will ultimately give you continuous business and hence your firm will always be in the profit mode. The customer service department of every organization should stand up to the expectations of all their customers.

The various advantages of this particular training are that it helps in attracting the customers and so the loyal customer base of an organization tends to increase. Such firms in order to retain their clients should actually give hospitality training to each and every employee ,so that the employees can make their customers very comfortable .If there are more loyal customers of  a particular organization,  then there are more chances that they will ultimately refer their friends ,collogues or the relatives to that particular organization. Referrals are very beneficial for the business, because you ultimately safe a lot of money which then would be ultimately spent on advertising. The secret shopper should actually be employed, so that he visits the organization and gets to know the exact state of the business and the knowledge of the employees.

Now below in this article we will be discussing about the different types of disadvantages  like for example,  the customer focused business only operates on meeting the needs and wants of their customers , so there entire time goes into that and they definitely lack in some king of new innovative methods. Companies should definitely keep introducing new methods, products and services so as to attract the customers and so for the success of the company, it is indeed very essential that a continuous research and development goes on.

Another very common disadvantage is that the needs of the customers is always changing, the customer is always in need of new products and for that the company needs to have a good financial position, good experienced staff and also enough of time. This may be problematic for small business organization because they do not have a very good financial position so as to afford changes and the innovation in their products and services.

Also the customer service department should be in a position to educate all their customers through their best of knowledge and skills. Sometimes it is observed that this type of customer focused business can actually become self serving and so this results in actually causing the business to indulge in their own needs and wants. But the focus of every firm should always be the needs of their customers first,  be it any situation or circumstance as a matter of fact.

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